Reinhild Dettmer Finke

Born in Northwestern Germany in 1959, Reinhild Dettmer-Finke studied German, Sociology, Political Science and Education at Leibniz University in Hanover. After completing her studies in Hamburg, she went on to do various editorial traineeships and assistant positions in journalism. Since 1988, Reinhild has been writing and making films about life, society, and culture for several German television stations such as ARD, a German public broadcasting channel, and ARTE, a European public, cultural television channel which targets audiences from French and German cultural backgrounds. As of 1999, she started producing and co-producing her own films and in 2002, with her own production company, Since 2003, she has been teaching reporting and documentary film-writing for the ARD-ZDF Media Academy's screenwriting workshop "Drehbuch Camp". Awards: For the documentary "Wie Handschuhe voll Sand / Like gloves full of sand" 2007, she won the endowed "Grand Prix" from the Documentary Film Festival in Szolnok, Hungary, and in 2008, the "Gold Award" from the World Media Festival in Hamburg, Germany. Reinhild Dettmer-Finke is particularly interested in topics which deal with the human struggle and in telling how people manage existential challenges.